IMG_20180228_100318.jpgI did mention that I was working on a “side project”, didn’t I? is “yet” another site about dividends and DGI investing. With a peculiarity:

It’s in Italian for Italian investors.

Unfortunately in Italy there aren’t many resources for local investors who are interested in DGI strategies, first of all because the vast majority of the population doesn’t even know what a dividend is. Secondly because European stocks are not like American stocks, where dividends are more common and there are a lot of companies paying them. Thirdly because even if you are interested in DGI there are very little resources IN ITALIAN to tap into.

Unfortunately not everyone can read and understand english in Italy, that blocks out the vast majority of DGI sites that helped me in starting a position and a strategy like I have now.

A site where on top of company analysis (we devised our own “rating” to evaluate companies) we added a forum to discuss strategies and potential interesting investments, and of course our own personal experiences as DGI investors.

What I took several years ago from other sources goes back into the cauldron and it’s time for me to give back to the community!

That’s why was created!

Hope you enjoy it (if you are an Italian speaking reader), for English speakers we are working on an English version too, but that will come later down the line!


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