About me

Hi there here’s Stalflare, pleased to meet you!

A globetrotter of choice at first, for work later, been living in different places around the world, eventually coming back home in old and beautiful Florence, Italy.

I have always been interested in investing and the whole idea of creating a sustainable future managing savings, expenses and long term investments, alas I never really got the chance to start anything “serious” until December 2014. In the end the starting date doesn’t really matter (I guess), as long as we start somewhere!

A passion for food, games, travel and photography does the rest 🙂

All pictures featured on this site are “original” pieces taken around the world during my frequent trips, if you like to use them please drop me a line and I will be happy to send them along.


10 thoughts on “About me

    1. Ciao ATL,

      Thnaks for the comment and the award! 🙂 I like taking pictures, and since I have travelled (and still travel) around the world for work I get to see a lot of places and things that strike my eye as we cannot find them in Europe… From there the usage on the Blog… 😛
      Glad you like the idea! 🙂

      cia ociao



    1. Ciao WFT, actually I have been a lazy on the pictures front, but also mine are all from the mobile phone, I have stopped using a DSLR long time ago with all the improvements that they made on phone cameras… 😛
      ciao ciao


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