Here are some of the sites that I check often, most of them are fellow investors that share similar strategies. All of them are great reads, I took much inspiration from their work and ideas.

Some of them are a bit too “commercial” but reading about their experiences makes you understand why is it so. Others, like myself, are a bit more “basic” but great reads nonetheless.


Firehub.EU – FIRE Community made by Europeans (several languages)

Dividendos y Trading – Spain (in spanish)

No More Waffles – Belgium

Easydividend – Germany (in German)

Blackdog – Italy (in Italian)

World of Dividends – Sweden (in English)


Dividend Life – (first ever contributor to this site, so he gets a special mention!)

There’s Value


Dividend Growth Investor

Dividend Growth Journey

Two Investing

Option Hunting

Mr.Money Moustache

The Dividend Guy

Sure Dividend

Redeem Finance

I Want to Retire Soon (great “aggregator” of news/investments from several DI blogs)

Passive Income Dude


6 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Hi Stalflare,

    I just found your site and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind including me in your blogroll? I’d be sure to add you to my list as well. Let me know, cheers!


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