August 2020

General Comment August is a special month here in Italy, as most of the people normally have their holidays. This year the situation was a bit different, COVID and holidays are not exactly two things that go well together. Having said that, thanks to some state intervention and some savings Italians did go on holidays,… Read More August 2020

March 2020

General Comment Back in February I was talking about the COVID19 outbreak in Italy. A month after we are still talking about it and it looks like things have gone from bad to worse… As it was predictable the disease spread to other countries, where unfortunately it’s meeting some unprepared countries that did not believe… Read More March 2020

November 2019

General Comment Oranges. I think this has been the food related highlight of the month, buying oranges and the likes (lemons, tangerines and so on) from Sicily, directly from the producers sites. Disintermediation they call it, it’s part of the new leverages of modern economy. The idea of putting producers in touch directly with the… Read More November 2019

October 2019

General Comment Ok I get it, 2018 wasn’t a stellar year (mostly because of the sharp drop in November and December, but 2019 is posing to be a rather good year for investors, balancing out what might have been missed one year ago. As you probably know already I have adopted a bearish stance at… Read More October 2019

June 2019

General Comment It seems yesterday that we set off, wife, baby and myself for Sardinia. In reality it was the beginning of June, and I remember that uneasy feeling of starting something completely new, like going on holiday with a little baby, something that I’ve never done before in my life. I’ve done plenty of… Read More June 2019

May 2019

General Comment One more month goes by, this time it’s May, a rather stormy month in Europe and on financial markets. I won’t comment on the weather, because there is very little to talk about, let’s see what happened in the financial world. Having left all the difficulties related to Brexit in March and April,… Read More May 2019

March 2019

General Comment What did March bring? Lots of spring, and nothing more than that really. Markets have been tame and behaved more than well growing constantly, allowing all specialised press and less specialised commentators to resume the “all time high”, “broke all previous records” mantra that we get in these cases. These are the good… Read More March 2019