June 2020

General Comment Lake Braies, one of the gems that we have in the northern regions of Italy, Alto Adige. Following the not so easy May, and the not so great news regarding unemployment from September you would expect me to post something about finding a new job or something like that. No, instead the update… Read More June 2020

May 2020

General Comment Barbecue season has started! On the food side of things May certainly has been a great month, as we started to come out of lock-down and we could meet with the next door neighbours for a spot of barbecue action on a couple of occasions. In Italy lock-down was released gradually starting on… Read More May 2020

April 2020

General Comment Sourdough. That’s what you see there in the picture, his name is Ungoliant (for the Tolkien fans that will mean something). Apparently the pandemic got my fellow Italians to become home bakers all of a sudden, meaning that the “previous” home bakers have had to deal with lack of ingredients and even a… Read More April 2020

February 2020

General Comment The funny thing about February 2020 is to do with human nature I guess. Until the end of the month we have been updated by numbers coming from China, reporting mounting amount of people catching a disease, a new virus. We even gave it a name “new Corona Virus” and all seemed clean… Read More February 2020

January 2020

General Comment New Year was rather uneventful as our kid was sick we spent the night at home, just the three of us, which was rather nice I have to say. Kick off on the new semester was rather positive, we even managed to “book” daycare for our son starting September… Yes that’s the bad… Read More January 2020

September 2019

General Comment Another month has gone and we are finally entering the latter part of this 2019, last trimester, lot of wrapping up to do. Of course September belongs to the middle part of the year and we can safely say that judging at the numbers that we saw, the weakness that markets felt in… Read More September 2019

August 2019

General Comment After an easy July I was expecting another uneventful month in August… I couldn’t have been more wrong! This time the highlight of the month was the stock market, which decided to go on a “ride” and showed signs of strong volatility all over the board. Recession news from Europe and probably the… Read More August 2019

April 2019

General Comment April is always a rather special month for me. First and foremost it’s the month of my birthday. But even more important than my birthday it happens to ne my wife’s birthday too (if you are married or with some “significant one at your side” you know what I mean!). Financially speaking April… Read More April 2019

February 2019

General Comment Pretty much like January, February was a rather calm month, a decent month of growth for financial markets all around the spectrum. If you follow this blog you’ll know that my view on 2019 is a neutral/negative one, and this is the main reason why I have decided to adapt my option strategy… Read More February 2019

January 2019

General Comment 2019 has kicked off with a moderate positive feeling to it, the draughts of December that we experienced in the stock market made way to a rather quick recovery, all across the board. I guess that January did not hide any special surprise for us, no dramatic news, no Brexit decisions, no China… Read More January 2019