November 2019

General Comment Oranges. I think this has been the food related highlight of the month, buying oranges and the likes (lemons, tangerines and so on) from Sicily, directly from the producers sites. Disintermediation they call it, it’s part of the new leverages of modern economy. The idea of putting producers in touch directly with the… Read More November 2019

March 2019

General Comment What did March bring? Lots of spring, and nothing more than that really. Markets have been tame and behaved more than well growing constantly, allowing all specialised press and less specialised commentators to resume the “all time high”, “broke all previous records” mantra that we get in these cases. These are the good… Read More March 2019


Everyone wants it, very few of us actually like it when it happens. Change I think that if you ask 100 people if the like “change” 90% would tell you that they are in favour and they actually seek change in their lives and work. The reality is that very often change “happens” and we… Read More Changes

On Time

When I started investing a long time ago, I was in university, the internet existed but it was not so widely used as today,  and I guess that when I bought into that saving account at my Barclays bank I made my first decision not to worry too much about the investment procedures and daily management… Read More On Time

On Brexit

It’s all over the news, so telling what’s happened is largely useless, if you are reading this blog it’s likely that you are into finance and UK getting out of Europe it’s something that shouldn’t have skipped your attention. So UK voted out. I have a lot of feelings for this milestone in our modern… Read More On Brexit


Waiting in front of a crossroad. That’s how I felt for the last three months, more or less, and despite the uneasy feeling of having to make more complex decisions I still feel less anxiety than I had years ago when I had to tackle easier situations… Maybe I am finally growing up? Oh boy… (-.-“) Anyways….… Read More Changes