August Dividend Update

August is a “quiet” month for the Long Haul PF, or at least it is with the stocks that I have in my hands.

The companies who paid their dividends have been:

T – USD 11.83
LON:VOD – GBP 24.25
BBEP – USD 3.72
PG – USD 13.34

Totals are here below, missed a dividend from National Grid, which means that September is going the very first month where all due dividends are going to be paid (so far, because of the youth of the Portfolio I missed several ex-dividend dates). Dividends in foreign currencies are updated at the latest exchange rate (at the moment they are kept in the respective foreign currencies accounts) so Euro totals might change over time.


One thought on “August Dividend Update

  1. Keep building those dividends with new purchases in quality names. I see we have PG in common for the month. I’ll be posting my results in a couple days. Nice chart too! Thanks for sharing.


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