April 2018 Update

General Comment One more spin of the wheel! Yes, my birthday came and reminded me that “tempus fugit” (Latin for: time flies), it seems yesterday since I was living in England or Japan, and instead 20 years have passed already… Bloody Hell! ANYHOW… Amarcord mode “off”, what happened in April in the financial markets and… Read More April 2018 Update


I did mention that I was working on a “side project”, didn’t I? Mydividend.eu is “yet” another site about dividends and DGI investing. With a peculiarity: It’s in Italian for Italian investors. Unfortunately in Italy there aren’t many resources for local investors who are interested in DGI strategies, first of all because the vast majority… Read More Mydividend.eu

December 2017 Update

General Comment I will not comment Year End results in this post, this stays a monthly update just like any other update. December kept positive momentum, there was a definite slowdown in market growth, but there is still positive numbers out there and record smashing activities all around the place. Unlike last december, when I… Read More December 2017 Update