December 2017 Update

General Comment I will not comment Year End results in this post, this stays a monthly update just like any other update. December kept positive momentum, there was a definite slowdown in market growth, but there is still positive numbers out there and record smashing activities all around the place. Unlike last december, when I… Read More December 2017 Update


May 2017 Update

General Comment “Sell in May and go away”. If you’ve been trading some time you might have encountered this phrase reading articles or blogs or simply watching the news. It is believed that May is the time to let money sleep to catch the year end’s rally where companies give it “all” to reach the… Read More May 2017 Update

March 2017 Update

General Comment Another pretty good month for the markets in March, although the honeymoon between Trump and financial markets is probably looking at a close, we have seen some good numbers and generally an upbeat situation. Brexit is now a reality and finally there was no overreaction from the markets, it has to be said that… Read More March 2017 Update