November 2022

A General Overview

Nothing much happened, illnesses, diseases and tantrums are getting the stage recently. Not a great month I’d say…


Explanation of terminology and graphs is HERE.

Let’s see the numbers:

31 Dec 20140.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%
31 Dec 2015-3.33%1.22%-0.13%-1.00%
31 Dec 20167.06%1.14%1.16%-4.35%
31 Dec 20179.94%1.04%2.64%-5.94%
31 Dec 20183.28%1.24%2.70%-3.53%
31 Dec 201923.50%1.35%2.72%-1.40%
31 Dec 202015.76%1.28%2.70%-7.60%
31 Dec 202137.13%1.35%2.69%-2.05%
Jan 202235.83%1.34%2.61%-2.75%
Feb 202235.70%1.33%2.63%0.45%
Mar 202240.68%1.32%2.64%0.19%
Apr 202241.87%1.31%2.65%4.09%
May 202241.54%1.32%2.72%2.06%
Jun 202234.62%1.47%2.63%3.47%
Jul 202239.94%1.46%2.63%6.32%
Aug 202241.24%1.45%2.66%8.19%
Sep 202231.26%1.44%2.70%7.53%
Oct 202237.94%1.43%2.71%7.88%
Nov 202240.82%1.42%2.72%3.17%
LH Portfolio Milestones + Monthly current year

TR is decreasing (vs. previous month) – Ups and downs, this time is an up…

YTER is decreasing (vs. previous month) – 1bps, every little counts!

Net Yearly YoC is better (vs. previous month) – 1bps, mostly thanks to the decrease in YTER.

Forex is worse (vs. previous month) – Still positive, bus the dollar is cooling a little…

Dividends and Options

Income this month was 1839 Euro

Dividends accounted for 1586 Euro (+11% vs 2021) and Options ended up with a 253 Euro score (+N.A.% vs 2021).


Back on track for the best year ever… 🙂


Not bad at all, well above the 200 euro target that I’ve set for myself.

DCA/Increased Positions

Sold 500 BIT:BENI @ 13 euro

Will try to get in ENI again at a lower price, oil is falling and I expect the stock to go down.

New Positions – Sold Position

Nothing to report

Financial Conclusions

November was a very positive month for the markets, bear market rally? Maybe, maybe not. I see inflation still rising, despite at a lower pace, and interest rates will be increased for the whole of 2023. But the markets are happy about it, as the pace is slowing down…

We need a recession, that’s it. The only problem is that so far since the central banks are controlling this bit of the cycle, everything is smooth and gentle, there is no real shock (as it happened in 2008).

If all stays like that I think that we might have seen the bottom of this bear market already, there might be some re-tests. All in all 2022 started pretty bad but is ending on a positive note.

But I still think that we need a major fall in order to clear the air.


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