IMG_20141225_114408I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to change the way I post reports of numbers and results from my investments, after quite some work with google sheets I managed to get a new version rolling, which I am going to launch officially with this post.

Dividends and Options

The new section splits the old view in three different graphs. One of the total sum of dividends and options, which is actually the vast majority of my monthly income, a graph for dividends and one for options only.

The idea behind this is to track in an easier way the developments of the portfolio as a whole, but also of the single components. As I am expecting a much harder 2018 (in terms of YoY growth), these new tools should come in handy.

LH Fund Page

I guess that the vast majority of changes happened here, with this page I will be reporting:

  1. Share price (it all started at 100, this figure it’s also the Total Return of the investment)
  2. Currency Effect on TR (I tracked it only in recent months, that would explain the flat line at the beginning). This figure shows how currencies influence my TR (Total Return).
  3. Yearly Realized Gain/Losses in stocks, options and totals (for tax purposes the two compensate when calculating taxable income)
  4. Currency Allocation of the stocks that I hold
  5. Industry Allocations
  6. Annualized NET YoC (NYYoC) and Annualized TER (Y Total Expense Ratio). YoC shows how much the portfolio returns every year in terms of Options, Dividends and Interest, in this case I made an annualized figure.

Some of the stats that I used to post before have gone, as they were either misleading or useless.

I might have to work on some comparable analysis now that we enter the fourth year since the PF started, but that will surely come later.

Number-wise I’d love to find a better way to report Options results, but it’s really difficult as the amount invested is never the same, so calculating Total Returns on that part of the portfolio is always hard. We’ll see if I can come up with something clever though! 🙂




8 thoughts on “Reporting

    1. Thanks WFT, I might fiddle with them a little bit more, but I feel that reporting is better this way too. Actually I have to thank the community for the ideas and inspiration on this!
      Ciao ciao


    1. Ciao DDU,
      Thanks for the comment, still learning Google Sheets to be honest, there is much more I’d like to do but can’t seem to be able to get around it… 🙂
      Ciao ciao


    1. Ciao PW!
      Well actually there is a monthly situation on each monthly update but I am working on a way to post those as well, it’s just that there are a lot of trades and it’s a bit messy. Maybe try starting with those lists first, if that doesn’t work let em know and I will see what I can do (maybe make a spreadsheet just for that and publish it…)
      Ciao and thanks for stopping by!


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