September 2016 Dividend Update

IMG_20150809_133257673_HDRAnother month has gone by, and here is the September update for my dividends.

As a matter of fact, since I switched to Interactive Brokers, dividends are coming “regularly” on schedule, while the other bank took longer to credit them, so the updates are more “punctual”.

The month saw a combinations of Option income and Dividend income, with the former being higher than the latter. 990 Euro from Options and 637 Euro from Dividends.

It’s not a race of course, and by nature and RISK (I cannot seem to stress it enough), these are two different stories altogether and should not really be compared as if they were the same. Still, it’s a good complement of the original dividend strategy, so no complaints there!

Here the dividend received:

WFC USD 41.8
LON:BT.A GBP 18.72
WMT USD 32.51
ADM USD 15.61
ADM USD 30.87
MMM USD 33.3
CVX USD 36.38
ED USD 27.47
PEP USD 30.1

16 thoughts on “September 2016 Dividend Update

  1. CIao Tristan,
    I have a part of the spreadsheet where I try to calculate unbalances in certain industries/sectors/countries, and use that to balance the portfolio… Having said that I haven’t checked it in ages, but the idea is to stabilize possible sector downturns in this way. This would explain the diversity of dividends that you see. You made me realise about the triple digits thing, I didn’t noticed it 😀 Of course the number per se is not very interesting because making 1000 euro with a 1000000 capital is not like making 1000 euro with 10000 capital, this is why I leave in the Monthly Update post the YoC and so on. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and ciao!


  2. Ciao Stal,

    I’ve just found your blog. Great stuff here.
    If you don’t mind I was thinking to become a regular reader 😉
    I can see you’ve recently switched to Interactive Brokers.
    Could you please give us some feedback and the reason why you chose them ?

    Ciao Ciao,



    1. Ciao Alberto,

      Absolutely very happy to have you on board! 🙂 Thanks for posting. IB was selected for two main reasons. In Italy Fineco (my broker at the time) wouldn’t let me sell naked puts and calls and commissions are MUCH lower on IB than Fineco. I will post some major update of the Long Haul Fund, one of the sections there will be about commissions, but I can anticipate that I managed to reduce my cost immensely by going over to IB. IB has some drawbacks, data is not free (you have to pay to suscribe, or at least create a certain amount of commissions every mont), and there are some charges that one has to pay attention to, but all in all I am very happy with the choice so far.


      1. Ciao Stal,

        thanks for your reply.
        I still have fineco and I really love the fact that I can manage different currencies and buy stocks + current account in one place.
        The user interface is amazing. There’s nothing like that here in the Uk.
        I’ve been trying to find a good stock broker which can offer something similar for more than 3 years now, but no luck.
        At the moment I am using iDealing but the UI is something you could have seen 16 years ago. I was trying to buy an Italian stock recently and apparently they didn’t know how to deal with taxation and stuff.

        Thanks again and good luck with your investments.



  3. Ciao Alberto,
    Fineco has got a great platform there is no discussion about it. IB is more “professional” (less frills), and gets more down to the point. If you are living in the UK how do you deal with tax issues with Fineco?
    ciao ciao



  4. Looks like you had an amazing September with those options premiums really launching your income totals nicely. As always it’s nice to see quite a few names in common paying both of us in September. I’m guessing most of your options income is from covered calls? Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ciao DH,
      Actually not so many covered calls, there are a few but the vast majority of my portfolio in below trading minimums so that means that I have to reply on puts. All new additions of stocks are going to be trying to respect trading minimums for options, so that I am allowed to sell covered calls too, but not all of them are possible of course, if share price is too high the amount invested would unbalance the PF massively, so I need to be careful. As to the result no complaints at all, options are going to be a massive boost to income in 2017, now that I see their potential. This is if markets behave decently, as they are derivatives contracts one needs to be very careful with them, it’s easy to lose a lot overnight… 😦
      ciao and thanks for coming by!


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