September 2016 Update

IMG_20150518_192047September is almost finished and it’s time to start concocting the usual update for this month. I apologise for not writing “other” articles but updates and stats, I seem to have lots of difficulties to write more general posts lately (not that I did a lot of writing before mind you)…
Going back to the month that just passed there is little to say for September, markets started some Autumn pull back, fuelled by the Fed meeting at the end of the month, but generally speaking I can see that financial institutions are looking at the US elections and maybe October will be a flat month all together. I do not mind some downturn as you all know, I have found some prospective stocks in which to invest to, but prices are still too high to make a move. On the opposite side that means more Options action for me. It was a learning month this one…

LH Fund

LH Fund moves on with quite interesting “mood swings” in September. At the end of the month it closed with a Total Return of 3.74% (-0.43% vs August), TER is now 2.11% (-0.03% vs August) and YoC goes to 4.55% (+0.46% vs August).
YoC keep growing at a very good rate, supported by options trades too, this is what I am aiming at at the very specific moment. Total Return is a measure that I am not too worried about as I am not planning to disinvest any time soon, but it’s good to keep the metric there. TER is also paramount to my financial endeavours, I need to optimise taxes and costs as much as possible, my target is to hit 1% per annum, and so far we are on the right track (though I might see the real performance only at the end of 2017). So far, so good I’d say.
DCA/Increased Positions
Bought 90 shares of LON:VOD @220GBP
This was done to round the lot up to 1000 pieces and being able to sell covered calls on VOD.
New Positions – Sold Positions
Nothing to report.
Tax Optimisation
Nothing to report.

4 thoughts on “September 2016 Update

    1. Ciao Tristan,
      Thanks for stopping by! There aren’t a lot of opportunities at the moment, but we have to patient and keep the bar straight! Vodafone is a good name, the opportunity was just to reach the minimum to trade the covered call really, but it was close to my average price so…. 😛


  1. Not much to report I see. At least you are continuing to buy something. Many of our fellow dividend bloggers have decided to sell part of all of their portfolios in anticipation of a huge sell off. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ciao DH,
      Thanks for coming by! I am not selling because profit taking is something that defies a little the idea of the long haul portfolio approach, there is nothing wrong with it of course, but I want a PF that produces a certain yearly income, not a fat bank account with nothing to buy. Prices are too high right now and it’s not easy to enter certain stocks. Having said that I will sell to harvest tax bonuses, but that’s more of a technical point.
      Vodafone was added to sell covered calls really, either than that I wouldn’t have bought anything… 😛
      As to prediction of market crash… I have stopped making predictions, every time I do it I get it wrong, we’ll play the game when we get there I guess…
      Ciao ciao



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