August 2016 Dividend Update

a98e25d6-78c5-4229-b35e-61f16a7ec242August is a quiet month under the dividends point of view, but I managed to make it a bit more “lively” thanks to the option trading that I have started since June.

Nothing much happened till the last days of the month when the FED hinted about a almost certain interest rate hike, but apart from that it looks like markets continued to go on their way undisturbed.

At the end the month saw a total amount of 874.31 Euro collected, out of which 471.61 have been from Option trades. This is the first month where options overtook dividends from stocks.

Here are the dividends that I have collected:

LON:UU GBP 58.97
T USD 38.4
VZ USD 25.42
LON:NG GBP 51.02
O USD 4.99
PG USD 43.52
OKE USD 18.45


And your August? How was it?


13 thoughts on “August 2016 Dividend Update

  1. Wow that’s a nice month of collecting option premium! I really need to look into option as a way to increase our passive income. How much time do you put in on these option trades?


  2. Ciao Tristan,
    Yes, but as I always remind to myself the real comparison will be made NEXT year, when more or less the portfolio will be the same as this year (well actually I hope it will be higher, but I cannot expect the same growth of the first year when I was still deploying capital by August)… Ciao and thanks for coming!


  3. Looks like a solid month of income received between your dividends and options premiums. I’m seeing more and more dividend bloggers making a go of options trades. I still want to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ciao DH,
      Yes it seems that more dividend investors are looking at options these days, to me it’s mostly because I hate to keep money sitting idle and unfortunately there are not many easy/safe options out there with the bond market totally unreliable and with such low yields. It’s a very risky business the one of options so I always stress that it’s no bed of roses as it might seem. A bad turn of the market and you can wipe off a lot of gains… 😦
      Ciao and thanks for coming!


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