June 2016 Dividend Update

IMG_20141020_091103A late update of the site, I was waiting for the last payments that were meant to fall in June (and were paid in July…).

The Brexit month was, as of today, the best month ever in the Long Haul Portfolio (short) history ever. A whopping 3706.70 Euro worth of dividends and bond coupons,  shatters May 2016 previous record hands down.

There is an explanation to it and this is the fact that my FCA bond paid its yearly coupon, and as you can see the gross figure is quite a sum and makes most of the earning.

On top of that there are Options that started to make their appearance in the PF, buffing up income.

What to say? Brexit is creating a lot of turbulence, I have expressed my ideas on it, but we need to go with the flow and move on, trying to make the best of the situation. Options are more interesting when there is volatility, but they are also quite dangerous at the same time, so far the plan is to work only on covered calls and puts, we’ll see where this gets me…

In June I managed to overtake 2015 earnings, this is great news, but of course we will have to see the taxes implications of the move to Interactive Brokers, and the real “final result” of 2016 will be only accountable in June 2017 when tax returns are calculated.

Here the list of all the proceedings accounted in June:

WFC – USD 29.07
WMT – USD 27.63
LON:BA – GBP 21.25
JNJ – USD 30.60
LON:ULVR – GBP 28.12
ADM – USD 14.03
CVX – USD 30.92
EMR – USD 26.24
LON:CLLN – GBP 78.44
FIAT 2017 – EUR € 2,812.50
MMM – USD 28.31
LON:LGEN – GBP 125.37
ED – USD 23.35
O – USD 4.23
BIT:TRN – EUR 54.59
LON:RDSB – GBP 67.71
TROW – USD 14.04
UHT – USD 16.25
SPX P 2000 OPTION – USD 10.00

See you next month!


11 thoughts on “June 2016 Dividend Update

  1. Ciao Chris,
    Well actually I have to say that it’s so high only because of the bond payment, but it’s a nice month, I cannot complain! From July we are back to the usual though… 😛
    ciao ciao

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  2. Ciao IH,
    Thanks for the support, options can be an important source of income, but also can be quite dangerous. On the other side as I only buy/sell them covered, I know what I am risking from the start. The plus side is that they can become a good source of income in addition to dividends, especially in times where markets are very high and buying more stocks might kill yield on cost..
    ciao ciao


  3. Nice spike in your chart! and that from FIAT. Who would have thought (Their reputation is not so good in my books… No real reason, just image)
    Add to that some nice option income… Nice….!


    1. Ciao ATL,
      Yeah FCA is not very much loved in Italy too, but the bond seemed ok and when it reaches maturity is going to leave a nice capital loss that I can use to balance with some gains from stocks that have grown much this year. Option income is starting to take its form too, I am adding everything into one at the moment but might have to come out with a different report in the future… 😛
      Thanks for coming by!
      ciao caio

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  4. So in Belgium you cannot compensate losses with gains? Actually I am taking inspiration from you regarding the dividend sections that you run, I might divide them myself, although right now I am considering Options as “dividends”… Need to do some work on the Gsheet, but now it’s not the time… (I am in Kyoto for business and basically I am drunk every other night :D:D:D…)


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