IMG_20150626_181453743_HDR[1]Waiting in front of a crossroad.

That’s how I felt for the last three months, more or less, and despite the uneasy feeling of having to make more complex decisions I still feel less anxiety than I had years ago when I had to tackle easier situations… Maybe I am finally growing up?

Oh boy… (-.-“)

Anyways…. Let’s take it step by step.

The first major pillar, work, has been a mess. The company I worked for decided for a major change of strategy, this means that my position is less interesting and prominent in the structure.

In practical terms this translates in less to no investments for my division placing results in jeopardy. I have endured this situation for 5 months and then decided that it was time to move on, there is little glory in being fired (eventually we would have ended there), especially in Italy where you need to start hiring lawyers and stuff like that to get severance money and all. I decided to take the bull by the horns and discussed with the company about the future plans. They confirmed my fears and we managed to find a solution that involved some sort of settlement (I took much less than what I would have taken if they fired me, but we parted in a friendly way and on a timing that I decided).

Since yesterday I am technically unemployed.

How do I feel? Relieved. I am taking a bit of a risk here, but I calculated that the money that I got it’s enough to get us living for 6 months, if I get a job in this period I will win this “bet” that I decided to make, if not… As I planned the whole move myself, and not waited for the employer to fire me, I have also kickstarted the “job searching machine” well ahead of schedule, so the hope is that something will come along soon.

if the “if not” part becomes true (no new job in 6 months) , I will loose my bet, but I am still better off because stress levels and unhappiness started to affect my life in a big way (troubles sleeping, nervousness and so on). A long time ago, pretty much when I had a major life crisis (as they happen unfortunately) I decided that I wouldn’t let any employer ruin my wellbeing to get a “wage” at the end of the month and this time I decided to honour that decision.

At the same time I am also in the process of switching brokers, a major leap for the Long Haul Portfolio, that moves from a bank provider (albeit really good) to a professional platform like Interactive Brokers. This move have several implications as I need to work out a more complex tax return now (and must pay someone for it), but it might allow me to be more tax efficient (love this) and surely will open up a lot of options that I never had before (more foreign markets, more forex, call/put options, etc etc etc). I am now waiting for the portfolio to be transferred and I will start working with the new platform, hoping not to make too many mistakes with the new interface…. 🙂

What does it all mean for the PF? Well actually the switch more than the job situation means that I must hold off my guns, so not much trading action will take place. I have more time to study more complex financial instruments (calls and puts), and I will have time to review the performance of the PF in a better way, the “Index Fund Page” is still not ready (let’s see how much data I will have at the end of the month), but what I am playing around with is quite interesting and gives an idea of how the PF is behaving against major markets and in terms of total returns, costs and yield.

Investments-wise the current situation doesn’t allow for a strong funding of my investments through savings like I was doing before, but I hope that I can still set aside something 🙂



10 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Kudos for taking the action yourself and securing a 6 months pay. In a way, you now are Free… I do hope you find a job that interests and motivates you. Good luck with that!

    Enjoy the free time, do things you like and love.

    Also, good luck with the broker and more complex products… just do not burn your fingers with the more complex ones… Or ring fence it in a play portfolio…


  2. Ciao ATL,
    Thanks for the wishes, let’s say that I can try the Financially Independent way of life before actually getting there… 😀 (videogames are on the book, regression to the 20yo life it’s a must to clear my head of all poisons…) 😛

    Yes I have already setup the play portfolio with IB so I am looking at how things play around there, but generally speaking I am not planning to look into complex investments, just calls and puts for the moment… 😛

    ciao ciao


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  3. Hi Stal,
    I hope the job search is going well. It sounds like you made a good choice though and that it wasn’t worth the extra stress to stay there. It’s good that you didn’t burn any bridges in leaving. I know that job hunting is almost a full-time job but are you able to make any additional side-income as a result of the decision e.g. side projects etc?
    Best wishes,


    1. Ciao DL,
      Yup, side projects can be started quite easily, and job searching is a full time job. Right now I have very short goals: switch off until the end of the month. I have few things that I need to take care of, a lot of tidying up to do with documents and stuff like that, more squash practice and xbox gaming to be had! 🙂
      Then I will get more serious, of course many leads have already been started so, let’s see… Important thing is that I am feeling fine! I will also have time to study investment related subjects, which is a great thing 🙂
      ciao ciao


  4. Stal,

    Big props for taking action yourself and taking the plunge!
    I hope the job search is going well and that you find a new challenge soon. Gotta get the investment machine going again! 😉

    Best of luck,


  5. Ciao NMW,
    Thanks for the massage! The first week as unemployed was actually pretty “full”, I had a lot of things to do, so the time is not going to waste. Already moving my pawns, hopefully might have some good news soon, but I am not too much worried… Investing is not in the process of being moved to a different account to start trading options and lower costs, so I have to bide my time anyhow! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by again! Ciao ciao



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