April 2016 Dividend Update

All goes according to plan, this has been by far the most profitable month in terms of dividends since I started in December 2014!

Some of the late April payments slipped onto May, but all in all I cannot complain. In 5 months I will have the same contribution that I have had in 1 year in 2015, moreover having a dividend calendar unfolded in front of me is helping immensely in timing the right entrance in order to put the money to “work” immediately. Last year I made some investments that really paid off only after 8/9 months, despite these being great companies, unless the entry is that “once in the lifetime offer” there is no meaning in blocking capital so early. This year I am adding to the existing stocks taking into consideration when they go ex-div. Of course these are stocks that I believe are going to be good for the PF, so the research has been done before, but I am trying to have a more patient approach (very hard to do). Today I have also started all the procedures to open the offshore Broker account, I hope I will be able to join the dividend actions with some options trades as well soon… πŸ˜›

Here the dividends of this month:

FRA:MUV2 – EUR 67.42
UHT – USD 10.15
PEP – USD 17.68
KO – USD 11.67
LON:BLT – GBP 21.39
WMT – USD 20.45
LON:PZC – GBP 13.81
FRA:NESR – EUR 49.56
MPW – USD 12.45
O – USD 3.13
CINF – USD 6.04
LON:DGE – GBP 27.59
BIT:REC – EUR 19.98
LON:GSK – GBP 82.73
LON:HSBA – GBP 74.43
GE – USD 7.95


12 thoughts on “April 2016 Dividend Update

    1. Ciao ATL,
      Totally legal, offshore is because Interactive Brokers (the name of the broker) has accounts a bit everywhere around the world, but fortunately I managed to find a way to make fiscal reports (paying someone of course), and I guess that once I sort out how to transfer all my stocks and some of the money I might start playing around with selling naked put on stocks that I really want to own… πŸ™‚ (clearly going to make a huge amount of mistakes in the proceedings, but hey!)


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  1. Mostly because I like to have everything in “one place”, plus if I am to use calls I might need the underlying assets to make the sale. Oh, and the broker appears to be cheaper than my bank in terms of commissions, so… πŸ˜›


  2. congrats Stalflare on recieved dividends, really nice to see your progress. btw I’m also using Interactive Brokers and for now I don’t have anything bad to say about the platform.
    I see you own Nestle stock, which is also my plan, I really like the company. I see you bought NESR on german stock exchange, which makes me wonder, do germans take any tax or commisions? Or do you just pay 35% tax on dividend in Swiss plus tax in your contry? Keep up rocking those dividends.


    1. Ciao Marko,
      Thanks for stopping by! I am playing around with the Trader Workstation as I am writing… Let’s see how it goes, it seems a bit complicated but I am sure I can get the hang of it…. πŸ˜›
      Regarding NestlΓ¨ that was one of my first trades, so I didn’t actually look all that much into the tax implications, also because they are not present in Italy so Frankfurt was the “cheapest” one to go for. The best option was to trade in in CHF, but honestly speaking, taking currency risks for 1 stock only it’s not the best of decisions I think…

      (I actually checked and the taxes I get are 35% Swiss and 26% Italian, no German taxes apparently)….
      Ciao ciao



  3. Congrats on the dividend income, I like how many different geographical places your dividend income is coming from. You probably have one of the most diverse portfolios of all dividend blogs out there πŸ™‚



    1. Ciao Tristan,
      Thanks! Actually I am eying over to Australia too! You guys have a great dividend paying history overthere πŸ™‚ Geographical diversification has its problems, currencies at first, poor knowledge of what companies really are is a bummer too. There is so much I can read off the internet, so recently I am looking at the “home” players too for tax and confidence reasons too…
      Thanks for stopping by, now going to check your pages… πŸ˜›
      Ciao ciao

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  4. Very nice dividend income Stalflare! Nicely done that your income is so geographically diversified. I need to look into that for ours too.


    1. Ciao Tawcan,
      Right now currency headwinds are depressing total returns a little, but generally speaking I like the idea of having severa countries represented, even if that means increased currency risk on the PF. In the long run shouldn’t matter though so… πŸ˜› Thanks for posting!
      ciao ciao


  5. Hi Stal,
    Congrats on a great month – the increase over last year is really nice!
    UHT looks interesting; I think health-care real estate is a good long-term bet considering aging populations and increased longevity.
    Looking forward to seeing next month’s results!
    Best wishes,


    1. Ciao DL,
      Nice to see you here! Actually I was considering changing UHT with Ventas (they seem to have a bigger size and better fundamentals), but right now it’s far too high in price to consider it. Having said that, yes, Healthcare REITs are nice and go along with a long keeping portfolio. We’ll need to see how interest rates hikes are going to affect them, but all in all they should be a good investment (if properly managed)…
      Ciao and thanks for the comments!


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