February 2016 Trades – LH Index Fund

IMG_20150822_203125February 2016 has been a month of “two faces”, the face of a market correction, stronger and more violent that the one in August 2015, and the mild recover towards the end of the month.

The worldwide economic situation doesn’t point towards the green pastures of growth and stability, it seems that the sentiment is more towards the rocky landscape of a recession…

Living in a country that tends to catch pneumonia every time someone in the world sneezes (financially speaking), I am a bit worried of what might happen in the future. On the other side worrying doesn’t do much towards living one’s life, so we’ll see what happens. A recession could be a chance to DCA most of the stocks, so it’s an opportunity after all. If markets will stay put a little or even decide to keep growing then I guess nobody will complain!! 🙂

The market dip allowed me to continue buying into some positions, unfortunately as I do not have a lot of cash I had to limit my movements and I am not in the “building up reserves” phase once more.


As of 1sh of March 2016 the share are worth 98.14 Euro (-1.86%). I am moving towards a weekly update of the index so that I can start drawing nice graphs and I can also catch draw-down stats that a monthly update cannot catch. All things considered (it touched -8% in February) I can still be happy with the result. Index investment areas are as follows:

BOND – 36.52%
STOCK – 58.31%
CASH – 5.17%

DCA/Increased Positions

LON:IRV – 205 @ 4.9 GBP

LON:LGEN – 430 @ 2.34 GBP

LON:DGE – 60 @ 18 GBP

DIS – 13 @ 88.00 USD

AMS:UL – 5 @ 215 EUR

LON:HSBA – 220 @ 4.5 GBP

FRA:NESR – 15 @ 63.4 EUR

Nothing much to say here, managed to snap some stocks before they go ex-div, in the worst case scenario it was at the same price as in my portfolio (Nestlè, Diageo) in other cases at a lower price. Interserve had a very bad run recently, possibly due to housing market cool-down in the UK and some exaggerated short interest, so I did not add again even if the stock went even more down from my second entry point.

New Positions

LON:WPP – 75 @ 13.65

BIT:REC – 90 @ 21.5

Very happy with the entrance in WPP, finally I can add an industry where I was not invested before and that allows me to diversify the pool of stocks owned in UK. WPP is an industry leader in advertising and marketing worldwide, but it was always quite expensive for my taste. Same story goes for Recordati, one of the few dividend Aristocrats in Italy. Pharmaceutical company, extremely well run and reliable, alas at a very high price. Then all of a sudden stock lost 10% due to a major shareholder cashing in their stocks, and the entry opportunity was there.

Sold Positions

AWR – 55 @ 46.9 USD

American States Water is a good company, a stable utility with a well run business. It was 20% up in my PF and the net dividend was something in the region of 1.3%. I decided to cash in and wait to invest in better yielding stocks when the occasion arises.


5 thoughts on “February 2016 Trades – LH Index Fund

    1. Ciao AT,
      It was a bit of a bold move, but I got that stock to diversify when I was at the beginning of the journey. Lots has changed, one of the first points is that YoC matters, so there are better similar utilities in the States that simply can get me an higher return, why not go for them now that the stock rose 20%? 😛

      ciao ciao


      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi!
    Nice move on ASW, that yield is praying for selling. I’m more than sure that some opportunities will come up soon.
    I’m very curious about your DIS purchase. Is there any specific reason? I don’t know well the company and i admit i should study it a little bit.


  2. Hi Stal,
    Some good progress for the month. I sold out of my WPP position this month which pretty much guarantees the stock will go on to significantly outperform the market for the next decade! I sold it to simplify my portfolio and tax reporting though; I think it’s a good company for the long-term; I’ll just invest in it indirectly through indexes.
    I also own AWR which I plan on keeping but there are other good quality utilities with higher yields as you mention.
    Best wishes,


    1. Ciao DL,
      Thanks for stopping by as usual 🙂
      AWR sale was mostly due to the increase in price that the stock had, with a sale I managed to secure almost 10 years of dividends, and since I am looking at entering in other utilities (when prices will be a little bit more agreeable), I went for the sale. I do not like keeping too much cash idle, but at the same time it doesn’t make much sense buying stocks that are on the rise… We’ll see what happens 😛
      Ciao ciao



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