February 2016 Dividend Update


February gets an “early update” as all the stocks that were due this month have already paid their dividends and therefore the list is “full and ready” to be shared.

Comparison with 2015 is still quite useless, as 1 year ago the porfolio was not deployed in full and it generated a dividend of 17 Euro. Compared to the 188 Euro of 2016 we have a stellar growth, but as I said it’s just because of the different amounts that we are comparing.

Still it’s nice to see some positive numbers among the bloodbath that we had between January and February. There were plenty of opportunities to take during the market rout, unfortunately being fully invested I could not but all the stocks that I would have loved to buy (more on that in a different post).

Here the stocks that went on record in February:

NRZ – USD 54.97
LON:UU – GBP 10.43
T – USD 24.15
LON:NXT – GBP 8.88
VZ – USD 15.99
LON:BT.A – GBP 6.35
OKE – USD 11.60
LON:VOD – GBP 24.78
PG – USD 27.11
O – USD 3.12



6 thoughts on “February 2016 Dividend Update

  1. Thanks a lot ATL, yes it’s a shimmer of light in a sea of dreadful numbers 🙂 More compounding needs to be done, I am saving some silver bullets now, let’s see what happens to the markets as they look far from being stable… ciao ciao


  2. Ciao Tawcan,

    Thanks for the comment! As I said don’t look at the YOY growth too much, it’s more down to the fact that at that time 1 year ago I was hardly invested and had the vast majority of the PF in cash… Real benchmark is going to be 2017 I guess…

    Ciao and thanks for coming by!



  3. Woah! Now that is one heck of a solid increase right there. I love the companies you have added over the year and you are reaping the rewards right now. Hopefully you can keep this growth rate up in each of the remaining months during the year!

    Amazing progress. Take care!

    Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats


    1. Ciao Bert,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by! I cannot hide the fact that I am pleased myself (especially when the market goes ballistics as it happened recently). Thanks for coming by!
      Ciao ciao



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