January 2016 Dividend Update

IMG_4649January put many investors to stress, markets went through a second wave of crashes, previous one being August 2015. My feeling is that we haven’t seen the bottom of it, lots of bad economy related news are flooding the markets so we are not in for an easy ride in 2016.

Having said that dividends were paid this month, and as expected numbers are immensely greater than last year when I just started my journey into dividend investing.

Compared to 1 year ago January 2016 accounted for 30.57 Euro, while this year January goes up to 290.52 Euro! A massive increase due to the (almost) full deployment of the money I had in the current account.

Incidentally 290 Euro is almost (missed by 3 euros) the maximum dividend earned in 2015! Promising start for a month that brought havoc on the markets. It is also true that the bonds that I am holding are going to draw a series of “strange” patterns along the year but generally speaking I think that I should be able to outgrow 2015 results every month.

These are the dividends this month:

UHT – USD 10.15
BME:REE – EUR 13.88
WMT – USD 20.03
PEP – USD 12.82
DIS – USD 5.36
MPW – USD 5.36
LON:NG – GBP 19.98
O – USD 3.00
CINF – USD 5.79
GE – 7.95
LON:GSK – GBP 36.56
FRA:SIE – EUR 59.11
BPOP 2022 BOND –  EUR 79.70


6 thoughts on “January 2016 Dividend Update

  1. Ciao ATL,
    “strange patterns” are referred to the fact that the bond payment will get some of the months to increase a lot compared to the standard stocks distributions, so I expect the graph to have a major peak in June when there will be a big payment from one of these instruments… Hope explanation is clear 😛


  2. Ciao Stal,

    I’m curious about how much cash do you have in bank accounts (in %).

    How did you manage your first year? Temptation of investing pretty much everything is high if you do not have scheduled expenses:)



    1. Ciao Luca,
      Right now (in this very moment) I am invested as follows:
      BOND 39.56%
      STOCK 58.74%
      CASH 1.70%
      But I have deployed slowly the available cash, and have been buying on dips. I entered when markets were pretty high and despite the fact that I missed several dividends because of this, I also managed to buy great stocks at lower prices (hence higher YoC from dividends). I try to be very cautious, even though the PF doesn’t say this (I have a lot of shares). Bonds were added not for “real return” but more for a cash park opportunity, as I do not think that we are in a very expansive moment (economically speaking) I decided not to go “fully invested” immediately.
      As to the first year there is a post earlier about it, but generally I managed to “break even” (with a lot of mistakes that I made I consider myself happy about it)….
      Ciao and thanks for stopping by!! 🙂


  3. Ciao DL,

    Thanks for the message! In terms of dividend increases 2016 is going to beat 2015 hands down, real test will be 2017, BUT, right now it’s a bit too early to worry really… 🙂


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