Long Haul Index Fund

IMG_20150809_133257673_HDRThanks to this post from Dividend Life, one of the best reads when it comes to dividends (even though he moved most of his investments into funds), I finally managed to get my head into something that I wanted to do for a long time, creating an index fund that would summarise all the investments that I am following.

Incidentally this system gives me the chance to keep track of the total return of the PF (not majorly interested to look at it every day as I am in for a long ride, but an important measure nonetheless), and discloses less details on the net worth that I am currently managing. This is maybe a silly aspect, but there are things that are better kept private, also in the light of the fact that more friends are following me online as well.

Having said that in order to have an “half decent” page on the results of the index fund I need to have some data, so right now I am collecting monthly positions and some ideas on how to present the page.

Inception has been set at 1st of January 2016, so far I cannot complain about the performance because the fist month was closed with a -1,52%, at a price of 98.48 Euro.

The NAV keeps track of everything, exchange rates, dicidends, taxes, commissions paid and future ones and of course stock/bond value.

Let’s see where this is going to get me, I love statistics and math so in a way it’s also a chance to refine my financial maths skills… 😛


4 thoughts on “Long Haul Index Fund

  1. Stalflare,
    Thx for pointing me to a great article. I like the math behind finance a lot. Good luck with your calculations. I look forward to see the results it provides.
    I do lack the time at this point in my life, but it could be a great way to track progress.



  2. Ciao ATL,
    Hopefully will post something soon, in the end it wasn’t all that complicated, I just needed someone to point me in the right direction… 🙂
    Will keep the Fund separated from the Dividend reports, as they are two completely different things and really I should focus more on the latter rather than the former…


  3. HI Stal,

    I’m glad that my article helped and that it also allows you to show the performance of your Fund without the full net worth numbers. Your NAV price was similar to mine and was a lot better than the overall market this month which was down 5% or so.

    I’ve always mostly been in funds rather than individual stocks; my recent decision was really just to buy less individual stocks and keep them to around 10% of my total portfolio. I was getting similar performance from the vanguard fund and dollar-cost averaging into that saves a lot of time compared to researching individual stocks.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your Fund NAV performs!

    Best wishes,


  4. CIao DL,

    I’d happily invest in funds myself, but all the “decent ones” are not traded in Italy (Vanguard being one of them)… I read a some posts on Booglehead some time ago and I would have joined the “fray” but I need to set up an international account somewhere else and managing that from Italy (especially for tax reasons) it’s a complete hell. Not to mention that losses are not tax deductible on ETFs here in pizzaland… We’ll see maybe in the future I will start adding some instruments to the PF… As to the “internal fund” performance I think I only got lucky, or maybe the stocks that I am most invested in are so boring that did not suffer too much of the crash/hike that we lived this month…. 🙂

    ciao ciao



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