Long Haul PF in 2015 – A Review

Processed with VSCOcamWho would have said that 1 year would have gone so “quickly”? It seems yesterday since I first bought the very first “batch” of stocks that were going to form the Long Haul Portfolio, if I look back there are many lessons that I have learnt, and some good practices that I have started to put in practice to have a good result with my investments endeavours. 2015 was going the be a “set up” year (130 buy/sell orders in 2015…), meaning that I had already decided that yield, performances and stuff like that would affect me only slightly, mostly because the portfolio has been in a deployment phase that finished only in December 2015.

The cost of all the mistakes and trades that I had to take this year are (hopefully) not going to be replicated next year, where I expect a less active buying/selling activity.

Right now the PF consists of two main areas, a bond (40%) and a stock (55%) section. Cash represent the remaining 5%.

Performance has been quite dull… a FAT ZERO, that is if I sell everything “tomorrow” including costs of trading and of course currency gains/losses.

Cost of trading was completely erased by dividend gained (1782 Euro vs. 1749 euro), shame for taxes that had quite a substantial toll in 2015 with an hefty 761 Euro.

The Dividend NET performance of my stocks was a disappointing 1.33% but considering that I missed several payments (out of 178 payments I missed 76!!!) it’s a great result. Next year, if all goes well and there aren’t too many nasty surprises, the PF will easily pass the 2% NET returns with dividends and bond payments (which I list as dividends in my reports).

Overall the PF had fluctuations that got it from +2% to -8% during 2015, considering that it was all stocks I think it was a good result, although my main focus was to build a potential dividend stream that could hit the 2% net return from dividends.

All in all I am quite happy with the performance of 2015, it’s not stellar , like many other bloggers out there, but considering that we are in a lateral phase (I feel that bulls have gone away but luckily bears are not in sight) and that I have just started the journey and made a lot of stupid mistakes, it could have been much worse.

As promised in other posts, it’s time to start setting some targets 🙂

My targets for 2016 are:

A. 2% net return from dividends (bonds+stocks)

B. Keep trades at the minimum possible increasing the amount invested per trade.

C. Reduce PF to 50 positions (stocks) and add 1 GBP corporate bond

D. Save at least 1000 Euro per month to convert in cash for investments

Not many targets, I might refine them later during the month, but I really wanted to post all these updates, otherwise they’ll get “stale” 😛

Have a great 2016 everyone!!! 🙂




6 thoughts on “Long Haul PF in 2015 – A Review

  1. Hey Stalflare,

    Don’t beat yourself up too much for remaining mostly flat for the year. You’ve sent the time building a great infrastructure from which to work off in 2016, and those dividends will be paying you as you continue to build it up throughout the year. Let’s do it together and reach financial independence!

    Best regards,


    1. Ciao DB,

      Thanks for posting! Yes absolutely agree with you time will be a gentleman (hopefully) 🙂 I am following your endeavors constantly, I am sure we can get there sooner or later!!!

      Ciao ciao



  2. Hey Stalflare,
    Good luck in 2016. After an already rocky start, 2016 is bound be become a volatile year for stocks, luckily the dividend investor does not really care (except when there are some bargains)!
    We also had a fairly flat year in terms of return on investment, we hope that 2016 will become a year of a lot of purchases and increasing positions to set ourselves up for the long haul too.


    1. Ciao Team CF,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes Total return in the end is not so much of an issue when concentrating on dividends, I have just started sawing some seeds, the first real returns will be evident in 2018, after 3 years. 2015 was just an year where capital was deployed, so lots of costs and mistakes… 😛 Let’h hope for a better 2016! 🙂

      ciao ciao and keep coming! 🙂


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