October Dividend Update

IMG_20150503_112247557_HDRAnd here we are again, another month has passed and another dividend update is due. At the time of writing this time I am in Tokyo, so the update is quite late for this reason, I did not have a lot of time to put my head around things.

October was a quiet month, the market rallied, opportunities are more scarce so there was less action on the Long Haul Portfolio, but dividends kept coming and this is the second best month in 2015 after September.

This month there was the first “Bond Divided” payed to the account, so in a way that’s a major piece of news… (kind of) 😛

With no further ado here is the list of October 2015:

UHT – USD 10.06
PEP – USD 12.82
KO – USD 11.00
LON:HSBA – GBP 12.39
LON:GSK – GBP 13.50
LON:BATS – GBP 13.50
LON:DGE – GBP 11.63
CINF – USD 5.79
BBEP – USD 3.72
GE – USD 7.95
BPOP 2022 – EUR 80.55


8 thoughts on “October Dividend Update

    1. Actually THIS particular bond is a floating rate one (Euribor+4,375%) so it’s particularly difficult to calculate, let’s say that I have played it “old school” and bought in a bond that has a floating rate expecting a raise in interest rates from here till 2022. If things stay at 0 like today should get me around 2.5% NET.


    1. Thanks DB 🙂 Next year the revenues.from dividend will be much higher as now the PF has been finished and I will not miss a lot of dividends like this year… Thanks for posting!
      Ciao ciao


    1. Ciao TV,

      This is mostly due to the fact that the portfolio was started in December of last year, so I have missed out on a lot of dividends in the first part… Now slowly getting back to speed, if all goes well next year there will be less movements on the stocks (still need to sell 3/4 positions) and dividends will be more constant, I hope…. 😛


  1. Looking good for your your ‘quiet’ month of passive income. I see quite a few names listed in common between our portfolios. Look forward to seeing your November results as well. Thanks for sharing.


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