BUY: Interserve, Walmart, Carillion

IMG_20141020_091103 October has been probably the most positive month to date in terms of performance of the Long Haul Portfolio, markets have been buoyant after the not so good performances recorder in the summer.

Hoping that my fellow Florentine citizen Dante Alighieri won’t mind too much, I could summarize this month in a phrase: “e quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle” (and thence we came forth to see again the stars), as he said when coming out of Hell in “La Divina Commedia”.

Poetical quotes aside it has been good to see that there are green figures in the portfolio again, on the other side rising prices give little opportunities to buy stocks at lower prices as it happened in the previous months.

Technically I want to deploy all capital at hand before the end of the year, and right now I still have a good amount of British pounds to put at work, and little opportunities to exploit. This is not too much of an issue of course, a good time might come in the future, so it’s just a matter of waiting.

Still 3 movements took place this month, 2 are DCA opportunities (Walmart and Carillon), one is a new addition: INTERSERVE.

I got in the stock at 562 GBP per stock, although I was really hoping to hit 550 for an entry point, but the price wouldn’t give in (it did eventually some days later…). Well the yield is what I am after here and little changes between 562 and 550.

This is a service company, pretty much like Carillion, exposed internationally to a vast variety of different businesses, though they focus mostly on construction.

It’s much smaller than Carillion, and has shown some consistent growth in previous years, not stellar, but stable. And I am looking after stability in this Portfolio, so it caught my eye. I have to thank Dividend Drive for his articles on Interserve, they were rather interesting and gave me lots of food for thought when assessing this company.

Interserve bring an hefty 4.1% dividend (gross) and more exposure to the “Industrial” sector,  I need to increase my GBP exposure by another 5% in order to reach a 20-40-40 split (euro-US$-Pound), and could not do it increasing stakes in the existing stocks (would love to add on Diageo, BAE but prices are too high).

And you guys out there? Any addition to your UK holdings (if you’ve got any)?


2 thoughts on “BUY: Interserve, Walmart, Carillion

  1. CLLN and IRV are two of my holdings too, and two of my most favourite I think. Me and Dividend Drive have been praising Interserve for some months, maybe it’s our very most favourite stock? I see the Interserve van at work sometimes and it always makes me smile to know that they are busily earning away which will send me some income twice a year.

    Well done on the top-ups and purchase


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