September Dividend Update

September update is quite meaningful, for two major reasons:

  • It marks the first month where all the companies that could dish out some dividends did actually pay. Technically from September 2015 the PF is a bit more stable and all stocks present should pay dividends from now on (I missed a lot of payments this year as I just started in December 2014)
  • It’s the highest month to record with a whopping 293 Euro worth of dividend, this means that the previous record of 138 Euro in July has been more than doubled.

September has been a month where a lot was tested and some learning occurred (see Take Profit and Strategic Changes), market went down and the Long Haul Portfolio touched the bottom figure in terms of overall performance with a -7%. I am still working on the “overall performance” story, especially because foreign currencies complicate the whole calculation extremely, but let’s say that this figure represents a “nominal” value that doesn’t take into account the gains/losses that I am having from currency fluctuations.

Still it’s not so much with the value of the PF, but the dividends so here it goes, these are the payments of September, and usual final graph on 2015 dividend payments so far:

GWW – USD 3.68
INTC – USD 4.68
WFC – USD 8.80
AWR – USD 7.75
JNJ – USD 9.91
WMT – USD 9.25
LON:BT.A – GBP 12.27
LON:ULVR – GBP 10.93
EMR – USD 11.53
CVX – USD 16.15
BBEP – USD 3.72
MMM – USD 9.67
ED – USD 16.76
MCD – USD 7.49
BIT:ENI – EUR 41.44
SWK – USD 4.50
LON:RDSB – GBP 21.31
LON:BP – GBP 9.21
TROW – USD 8.5
LON:BLT – GBP 3.19


2 thoughts on “September Dividend Update

    1. Ciao ATL,

      Pretty happy about it I cannot hide this fact. If all goes well maybe I can recoup all commission expenses this year through dividends, that would be a massive target for a newly born portfolio… 😛

      Ciao and thanks for posting!


      Liked by 1 person

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