July Dividend Update

IMG_4649July was a busy month for me, I have been away from home for more than 3 weeks so I couldn’t really look after the investments, posting news and stuff like that as much as I would have wanted.

Having said that it’s not too bad, because checking investments too often is not good as you get the wrong impressions from normal market fluctuations.

The month was MEANT to be the first month where all my companies in the PF were going to pay dividends, but in reality since I delayed Glaxo acquisition in May I did not qualify for the dividend today, so the very first month to have “straight” dividends it’s going to be August.

July marks the higher dividend income for me in 2015 with 139 Euro worth of Dividends, but I am missing Disney new semestral dividend (quite unexpected and nice surprise), so the total will be higher.

From a recent calculation my NET prospected dividend is 2.5% from the PF (in 1 year), if I get good at cleaning up some more positions and add a few interesting items it might go higher than this mark. Considering that I have most of the portfolio on double taxation this is not too bad, but more importantly is in touch with the targets that I have given me!

Total Dividends USD GBP EUR
Jan €30.57 $0.00 £0.00 €30.57
Feb €17.18 $7.44 £0.00 €10.41
Mar €81.78 $11.70 £0.00 €71.13
Apr €95.34 $34.21 £17.10 €39.88
May €98.22 $49.21 £0.00 €53.41
Jun €125.36 $67.65 £24.65 €28.72
Jul €136.12 $67.40 £5.07 €67.54
Aug €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00
Sep €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00
Oct €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00
Nov €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00
Dec €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00



4 thoughts on “July Dividend Update

  1. Great month Stalfare. I love the direction that chart is moving in! That’s what it is all about, making progress and moving forward. I am pumped to see where that chart is at the end of December and the same time next year!

    Keep up the great work.



    1. Ciao Bert,
      Thanks for coming over and for the support, really appreciate it! We’ll see what happens later in the year hopefully numbers will keep rising, although the recent months have been quite hard under that point of view, markets were a bit “nervous” after all… 🙂
      Thanks again and ciao!


    1. Ciao ATL,
      Thnaks for stopping by and for the support. Yes Dividends will keep increasing, hopefully will stock value too, although at this stage I am more focused on getting a PF that in theory yields with dividends more than 2%. We’ll worry about stock value later I guess 🙂 thanks a lot for posting!

      cia ociao



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