June Dividend Update

IMG_4649First dividend update ever! 🙂

Well let’s say that there are still 2 dividends to be credited to my account, so in theory June is not over yet, but because of my business trip to the USA, I could work on updating the site only now and I am not going to wait for the missing 2 stocks.

June will be the best month of 2015.

While the stock market situation is a mess, due to the explosion of the Greek crisis, dividends are finally picking up, and it looks like July might be the first month for me when there will not be a single missed dividend (due to acquisitions of stocks during the year that did not qualify for earlier payments).

Albeit a small goal, it’s a start, the more I follow the investments the more I am confident that by the end of the year I will have finished my test drive period and the PF will be “ready to rock”.

Together with this Dividend update I have recently posted my June Porfolio Update.

Total Dividends USD GBP EUR
Jan €30.57 $0.00 £0.00 €30.57
Feb €17.15 $7.44 £0.00 €10.41
Mar €81.73 $11.70 £0.00 €71.13
Apr €95.04 $34.21 £17.10 €39.88
May €98.00 $49.21 £0.00 €53.41
Jun €96.84 $67.65 £15.47 €13.68
Jul €18.18 $20.06 £0.00 €0.00
Aug €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00
Sep €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00
Oct €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00
Nov €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00
Dec €0.00 $0.00 £0.00 €0.00



6 thoughts on “June Dividend Update

    1. Ciao Ambertreeleaves,
      Yes finally I am having a little bit of time to wrap things up and start having some retrospective into the dividend payments that I am getting. It’s a tough period for stocks, so total performance is not great, but the PF is not just about that, so looking at the dividends puts a smile on my face, which is nice of course! 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot Pat for stopping by and for the encouragement! 🙂 I see you are from Canada, I was in Toronto 1 week ago, I liked it there!

      Anyways, keep coming by and any advice that you can spare is welcomed!



    1. Thanks RF, it’s still early stages though… Hopefully by the end of the year I will be at “full regime” in terms of payments… 😛
      Thanks for posting though! 🙂


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