June Acquisitions

IMG_20140617_162043Despite my resolution to see the number of holdings decrease a little this month, and up to the end of the year to a more manageable size of 40 stocks, I had to re-invest the capital that I was getting from selling the companies that I have listed in my previous post.

This put in my hands something around 5900 Euro to reinvest on top of which I have added 1000 euro of savings from May.

Since there were several positions that alas were loosing more than 10%, following my very personal set of Rules of Engagement, I have decided to buy back positions in stocks that started to become very interesting for their updated values.

Almost 2000 Euro were added in Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), on the LSE. This move was done to correct an “original vice” of my portfolio, where I bought the stock on Amsterdam only to know later that I would have an increase tax pressure of something around 15% of all dividends. LSE doesn’t, at the time of writing, tax dividend income.

I then added positions in Walmart (WMT), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Consolidated Edison (ED). All three of these stocks took a good beating since I bought them in December, and I feel that their value was quite interesting to average down the cost and increase holdings. All three of them are positions that I am meant to keep for a long time, so I do not ming adding stocks into them.

I then moved into a new stock for the Portfolio, MUENCH RUECKVERS N (MUV2) a very interesting reinsurer from Germany. I have read several news about them and toyed with the idea of moving into Allianz (ALV), but in the end fundamentals (P/E, low payout, good yield, stable growth of past earnings) and a very long dividend history did the trick for me and I decided to buy the first lot. Credit goes to No More Waffles and his research, as it was thanks to his European Champions List and his article that I got to know about this company.

I reinvested all the money that I made selling the stocks, but decided not to put in also the savings that i made in May. This is mostly due to the fact that the situation is quite “eerie” here in Europe, mostly because of Greece but also because of Ukraine. Markets have been terribly volatile, and I wanted to deploy those 1000 euros in some European or UK stock.

For the time being I am waiting to see what happens.

Last note goes for South32 stocks, a gentle cadeaux from BHP BIlliton (BLT), that sprung into my Portfolio as a result of a spinoff from BLT of the aforementioned company. Well, total value is 50 pounds, so I think I am going to let these shares go to take profit from this present, basically putting BLT at the top yield this year among all other stocks.

Hopefully things will cool off a bit, after a busy “sell in May” season all these geopolitical issues are not helping markets (especially Europeans) to come back to the normal path, and my Portfolio, at the time of writing is finally hitting the “red” as a total result. Nothing scary but a bit of calm would not be bad.


4 thoughts on “June Acquisitions

  1. Hey,
    I just picked up some shares of WMT too. At sub $75 WMT is looking extremely attractive. They maintain their dividend through good and bad times and I just can’t see that ending in the near future.


    1. Thanks for coming TV and thanks for making me notice my mistake!! 😦 Yes I should have bought RDSB… Well, since I was planning to buy some more Shell I will start buying those and will probably make the “switch” between the two soon… Shame is that i will loose a bit of money on the commissions and so on… But thanks again for the help, very much appreciated! 🙂


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